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Edisto Beach/Island Real Estate Search

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Edisto Island and Edisto Beach SC Real Estate

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Edisto Island Real Estate Remains Unspoiled

Edisto Island Real Estate: A Cherished Way of Life 
Edisto Island, South Carolina, is one of only a handful of enclaves along the East Coast and among Charleston SC real estate that has escaped the rush to commercialize.

Holding tightly to its Lowcountry character and cherished way of life, Edisto Island embodies the casual Southern lifestyle of a bygone era. Perhaps that is because Edisto Island is isolated by miles of salt marshes, wide rivers, creeks and bays, and essentially landlocked throughout history by grand plantations, making Edisto Island real estate some of the best within the Charleston real estate market.

But more likely Edisto Island's connection with the past is due to Edisto Island real estate owners embracing the old way of life, forever determined to preserve their secluded paradise.

Edisto Island Real Estate: Location
The rural, unspoiled Edisto Island lies about halfway between historic Charleston to the north, and the resort lifestyle found on Hilton Head Island to the south. A 55-square-mile slice of peace and solitude, Edisto Island seems a holdout from the 18th and 19th centuries. The antebellum plantation homes and historic churches that compose much of Edisto Island real estate, accentuated by Spanish moss-draped live oak trees, dot the countryside along scenic SC Highway 174.

Edisto Island Real Estate: Agriculture 
The sea breezes of Edisto Island and Edisto Beach carry a hint of fresh produce – of squash, beans, okra, peppers, eggplant, sweet corn, peaches, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes, watermelons, and eggplant – as the season’s crops ripen in the fertile soil of Edisto Island's working farms. Sprawling salt marshes teaming with South Carolina’s revered flora and fauna invariably announce the tidal creeks that criss-cross Edisto Island.

Edisto Island Real Estate: Beaches and the Intracoastal Waterway
Carved from the mainland by the Intracoastal Waterway and the north and south branches of the pristine black waters of the Edisto River, Edisto Island culminates along four and a half miles of gloriously sandy Atlantic beach. The small town of Edisto Beach, with less than 650 year-round townsfolk and only a few more that can claim to be owners of Edisto Beach real estate, sits on the southern-most tip of Edisto Island overlooking the beautiful blue waters of Saint Helena Sound.

Edisto Island Real Estate: Edisto Beach 
Edisto Island is part of Charleston County, but the tiny town of Edisto Beach is located in Colleton County. For decades, Edisto Island real estate owners have reveled in Edisto Beach's laid-back family atmosphere.

Since there are no hotels, movie theaters or even stop lights on Edisto Island, days are filled with shrimping, crabbing, fishing, biking, sailing, boating, waterskiing, and beach walks, where pelicans soar overhead and porpoises can be spotted playing just off shore.

Tranquil mornings of sunshine and sandcastles; lazy afternoons napping in hammocks; and evening strolls along the shore are all part of life on Edisto Island for owners of Edisto Island real estate. It’s no wonder that Edisto Island has been named one of the “Best Places to Retire” by Money Magazine.

For those who seek a casual, uncluttered lifestyle in tune with an unspoiled environment, Edisto Island and Edisto Beach are the perfect place to call home – or second home. With beachfront and other barrier island real estate and property close to nature, Charleston real estate investors may be eligible to take advantage of the U.S. Government’s 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange laws that help save tax dollars on investment properties in the Edisto Island real estate market. //