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West Ashley Real Estate Owners Enjoy City Limits of Charleston, South Carolina

The city limits of Charleston SC extend across the Ashley River to an area known to locals and Charleston SC real estate owners as West Ashley. In fact, West Ashley SC is the place where the English colonists established the first permanent settlement in the Carolinas in 1670 along the banks of the Ashley River.

Today the place where the settlers first stepped ashore, Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site, is among South Carolina’s most outstanding natural and historic parks, with 663-acres that feature a reproduction 17th century sailing vessel, natural habitat zoo and beautiful Lowcountry vistas. It is also a favorite play and picnic spot for families from across the Charleston area. Also among West Ashley’s historic treasures are three of the area’s most visited plantations, Drayton Hall, Middleton Place, and Magnolia Plantation and Its Gardens.

But amidst this historic fabric, West Ashley real estate sports a thriving urban community with a population that has more than doubled since 1960 – a testament to the Charleston area’s livability. Many West Ashley real estate neighborhoods closest to downtown Charleston feature charming brick cottages, many of which have been renovated in recent years. Other established neighborhoods within the West Ashley real estate market wind through hundred-year-old live oak trees, with some home sites that feature sweeping views of the marsh or access to the Ashley River.

West Ashley SC real estate has also kept up with the times. Modern neighborhoods with the latest amenities continue to spring up within the West Ashley real estate market, offering an ample range of home options, from marsh- or river-front condominiums to estate-sized mansions.

The area west of the Ashley River has successfully intermingled businesses with family-style living. Shopping at one of the largest malls in the Charleston SC area, or at a number of strip centers that line the major thoroughfares offers close-at-hand conveniences to owners of West Ashley real estate.

The area of West Ashley SC is also blessed with its share of eating establishments, from pizza or burgers, to fine dining in style, anything the taste buds desire is nearby. And of course, West Ashley SC has convenient access to all the rich historic, arts and cultural opportunities just across a short bridge in the city center. It is an easy commute to downtown Charleston for work, a dinner meeting, or an evening stroll.