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Charleston SC Weather and Climate

Charleston SC Real Estate Buyers Bask in Delightful Charleston SC Weather


Locals and buyers of Charleston SC real estate enjoy life at the warmer edges of the four seasons. While Charleston's season changes are as distinct as in much of the nation, the Charleston SC weather is most often described as "warm and breezy," with daily temperature highs averaging about 75°F, with lows around 56°F. Due to the ocean breezes from the Atlantic, owners of Charleston SC real estate in the coastal region enjoy temperatures about 10°F cooler in the summer and 10°F warmer in the winter than most of the inland areas of South Carolina.

The semi-tropical conditions of Charleston SC weather make for longer growing seasons for backyard gardens, as well as the outlying farms that provide fresh produce to local grocery stores and Charleston restaurants. The golf courses in the Charleston area are open year-round, with the dog days of summer driving more golfers indoors than the crisp, blue-skied winter ones. Locals and owners of Charleston SC real estate agree March through October are the best eight months of the year for Charleston SC weather, especially for outdoor recreation.

Hurricane season runs June 1 to December 1 each year. Throughout the season, locals and Charleston SC real estate owners are vigilant in tracking any tropical depressions that forms off the coast of Africa. It’s not uncommon for the Charleston area to experience some level of tropical depression or tropical storm activity during the season, although major hurricanes are rare for Charleston SC weather.

Locals and Charleston SC real estate owners that lived through Hurricane Hugo wont soon forget the storm that hit the Charleston area in September of 1989. Storm surge from Hugo inundated the South Carolina coast from Charleston to Myrtle Beach, with maximum storm tides of 20 feet observed in the Cape Romain-Bulls Bay area located a few miles north of Charleston. Hugo was responsible for 21 deaths in the mainland United States, five more in Puerto Rico and the U. S. Virgin Islands, and 24 more elsewhere in the Caribbean.



Charleston Current Weather Conditions and 5-Day Forecast
Current Conditions

Relative Humidity: %
Heat Index: ° F
Wind Chill: ° F
Five Day Forecast
High: 83°
Low: 72°
Thunderstorms Likely
Thunderstorms Likely
High: 84°
Low: 69°
Chance Thunderstorms
Chance Thunderstorms
High: 87°
Low: 68°